Sunday, January 04, 2009

Odd Odd Weather

I went to the grocery store tonight to get just a couple of things, school starts again tomorrow and Noah prefers sack lunches. I got a text, while shopping, from a friend telling me that the blizzard he was now experiencing at his house was my fault (that's another story). Sure enough, by the time Oliver and I got out of Fred Meyers there was a nice layer of snow covering the ground. Luckily, if the weatherman is right, it's not supposed to last. It SHOULD warm up, turn to rain and start to melt as the night goes on. Turns out that this is the really fun kind of snow...not too dry, not too soggy. The boys and I headed outside for what was supposed to be just a couple of minutes and we ended up being out there for about an hour. Noah is hoping that school will be called off tomorrow and winter break extended. I'm hoping for a late start.

Accumulating nicely out front.

Oliver decided he needed an umbrella, I'm not sure if it did him much good but he felt better with it.

Night time snow pictures using the flash makes the snow look fake.

They didn't want cold hands so they made up a new game of kicking snow at each other.

This is Summer, she and her apple red lipstick are from Melbourne, Australia. The weather there is currently a fair 82 degrees. We let her borrow a few sprigs from the, no longer needed, Christmas tree and a scarf.


Anonymous said...

Great Pictures, looks like there was a fun time had by all. 'Nice to meet you Miss Summer' HA !!! I'm really glad none of the family lives in Spokane, poor people are getting dumped on , again. Auntie K.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Noah, and I was sadly disappointed to be one of the few areas NOT to get snow this morning. So sad. I'm's so beautiful! I could take a few more snow days. These look fun! I can't believe how much Noah looks like Joel!


Janet said...

HOW COOL ARE THESE PICS?!?! (no pun intended!)i love how the snowflakes show up so well. I love the name of your snowman...SUMMER!!! Ironic or just wishful thinking!? Apple red lips indeed! ; )

Elite Stitches said...

You are difinitely having weird weather!