Sunday, January 18, 2009

LLoyds of Fun

My sister and her family came down South this weekend. They had some maintenance to perform on the horses at TK's house, an awards banquet to attend and then they stopped by here today. They brought their new puppy, Lloyd. He is even cuter in person, has a great personality and was a lot of fun to have around for a few hours. He is welcome to come stay with us anytime.

How can you not love that little face?

"Come on, I dare to grab my toy, come on, let's go!"

It was incredibly windy today and while we were outside he would sit down an listen. Those big ears of his were moving every which way.

When he puts his ears back he is much more aerodynamic.

Love it when he lays like this.

Getting some lovin' from his momma.

We wore the poor guy out and wanted to know what the heck I was doing interrupting his nap.

Slept like this for quite a while.


Katie B. said...

what kind of puppy is he? He kinda looks like a corgie...I don't have a lot of posts with puppies in them...I think your missing your four legged friends! =)And I think they miss you too!

Johnson Family said...

He is a Corgi! I am sure that we will get a dog someday, just not right now. =)

Janet said...

He is the cutest thing!! I love when he lays flat like that...with those tiny little legs!! Morgan & Dan just got done looking at these pics & the ones on your sisters blog as well. And we all agree on how darn cute Lloyd is! They wont have any trouble getting dog sitters!

Elite Stitches said...

He sure made himself at home didn't he? So cute!