Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kids in Hats

Kids in hats are just cute. They may or may not match their outfits, they may be on crooked, they can be too big, too small, just right, brightly colored, muted, serve a purpose or not...lets face it, kids + hats = cute. Daddy was cleaning out the closet last night and showed Oliver that he had a hat much like the one of Oliver's that he had found. The hat immediately went on and stayed there for quite a while. After the novelty of the Spiderman costume wore off this morning, the hat was found again and worn throughout the day. Plus, as an added bonus, it covers up his hair, I've decided that since I was going to have one kid growing out his hair and looking all shaggy that I might as well try letting Oliver's grow out too.

This kid can push me to every mothering limit out there then he flashes this smile and I tend to forget...for the moment anyway.

Daddy had a Coke and offered Oliver a drink and he happily accepted.


Suz... said...

it is cute, that's for sure!

Elite Stitches said...

Very cute! Does Ollie leave hats on now?? Like snow hats, too?? or just cool hats like dad's?
Grandma Ricki

Johnson Family said...

He is indeed starting to leave his hat on. It does help that his matches daddy's cool hat but he is starting to leave them on.

Janet said...

This is a keeper. Now you need to get Ollie to do a hat fashion show! All different types of hats/helmets/crowns etc. That would be a fun blog too! ; )