Friday, July 18, 2008

Another Busy Week

This week has been another busy week. Noah, Jackson and Oliver finished up their first round of swim lessons and they all passed. The two older boys will start up again Tuesday in the next level up. Because we were at swim lessons Monday and Wednesday we only made it to Vacation Bible School Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I was a volunteer in the food/snack portion of things. The theme this VBS was all about how to serve...Serving Friends, Serving Family, Serving Neighbors, Serving Community and Serving Jesus. Each day they discussed a story from the bible and then how they could serve. They would write their ideas on colorful hand cutouts then at the end of the day during the wrap-up and singing they would all hang their hands on the fence that surrounded the yard. About 40 kids each day times 5 days that's about 200 hands and ways to serve stretched out across the fence. It was an awesome visual for the kids and I, of course, did not have my camera to take a picture to share with you all. Don't worry though, the boys had a great time and learned a lot.

On Thursday Cousin Stacey and two of her beautiful children, stopped in for a visit. They are headed to Roseburg for her brother's wedding but are visiting friends and family and making a few stops along the way. It was great to see her again, the last time she was here we were both so busy and there were so many other people here that we didn't get to sit and visit much. Don't worry, we made up for it this time and it was wonderful! We took them over to McMenamins Edgefield in Troutdale she had to meet up with a friend that night so it was a bit of a quick tour of the grounds but enough of a tour to make Stacey want to come back and see more - oh darn. We got a couple of shots of the kids (see below) but the red door in the garden was a big hit!

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