Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

The boys went to the store today and picked out things that they thought dad might like on his cake. Noah had decided to make a caterpillar out of cupcakes so they were trying to be super creative with all of the body segments. I guess it would be more of a centipede??? Anyway, they had a lot of fun during the decorating part. Jackson did a few, Oliver did one, I did one and Noah did all the rest. Noah decided that the one that Oliver made for dad should go last and with a warning!

Sprinkles are always the favorite. They each got a cake pan to do their decorating in so my clean up time was a lot faster and easier.

On to the Starburst candies, I had asked Noah what he was going to do with them and he couldn't come up with a good answer. I then asked if he was just saying that he needed them for the cake because he wanted them for himself. He said, "Can you blame me for trying?"

And now you know why Oliver's cupcake is at the end and Noah wanted to put a warning sign on it. This is how his portion of decorating went the entire time. Sprinkle, lick, sprinkle, lick...

Noah posing for the camera.

Just in case you wanted to see up close and personal and it only got worse from there!

Sweet card for dad, Hallmark's got nothing on this boy!
"Dear Daddy, you are the best dad I ever had! You are fun to play with! Love, Noah"
"P.S. Check the back" (there is a big heart on the back)

The final product and the boys are very proud!


Suz... said...

"Oooooh, I like that cupcake! All of them. Ollie is funny licking it! And cousin Noah has great ideas." says Bre. Looks DELICIOUS!! Happy Birthday!!

Daddy said...

Thanks for the birthday caterpillar, family. It was wonderful.

Grandma Ricki said...

That looks like so much fun- especially the sprinkle, lick, sprinkle part...You guys did a great job!

mauricia1 said...

Ollie cake decorates like he paints!! I still have his "tongue stroked water color" in a frame on display! Noah and Ollie, your caterpillar looks awesome! You make your Gammy proud! Noah-good call on the warning sign!