Monday, July 14, 2008

Spider Tot

Unlike the past few days, I had my camera today and caught these pictures...

Just what I need, a two year old with super powers!

Or a two year old with super powers picking on his big brother.
Actually, Spider Tot just stepped on his toes.

Spider Tot can run FAST!!

See, I barely had time to get the picture. Peter Parker I am not.

Uh-oh, his identity has been compromised!!
Oh, and so has my sanity...


daddy said...

Now if we can just get SpiderTot to clean his room...

BTW, who are you kidding, Tiff, your sanity was in question a long time ago.

grandma ricki said...

...and all this time I thought it was a superhero, and it was Ollie!! Cute!

Suz... said...

that would make a great scrapbook page, Tiff! Super cute.

mauricia1 said...

Here is a poem to give
your Daddy!
My name is Spidey
Not Mr. Tidy
I am not being mean
Just not into clean!