Thursday, July 31, 2008

Camping: Day Three

Day three started much like day two, a bit on the lazy side, a cup of coffee, some snuggles and super yummy French Toast for breakfast. The kids attended the Junior Ranger program and learned all about Banana Slugs, did you know that you can fillet them and eat them?? They also had slug races - doesn't that sound exciting?!? The big event for the day, however, happened in the bowl a.k.a. the sand dune you can easily get to right off of F Loop. Stephanie and Tori had gone into town and rented two sand boards for, what else, sand boarding. Sand boarding is just like snow boarding, just a different medium to slide down on. Although it was really hot up there on the dunes everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Even Oliver sat on the board and slid down the hill. After an afternoon of hot sand boarding, we all headed down to the lodge for more swimming. After a bit of swimming we rented a pedal boat, Joel, Noah, Ty, Oliver and myself all pedaled around Lake Cleawox. The boys got bored about ten minutes into our time but we made them stay out and suffer for the full 30 minutes. Later that night John and Joel were playing cards with all the kids so Steph and I quietly slipped away for a bike ride. We decided to head over the land bridge to Woahink Lake. The lake was beautiful and quiet, despite one little crash on the way, the ride was great! I don't know about the rest of our camping cohorts but I fell asleep really fast that night. Now for the sand boarding pictures...

The hill they were boarding down.
Look close, you can see Noah going down.

Ty headed down the slope.

Oliver followed someone down to the bottom. He then claimed that he needed help getting back up the hill. Daddy was nice enough to give him a lift to the top. Too bad we all didn't have someone to walk us back up! That was a lot of work.

Go Noah go!

Tori started off well but about halfway down the board stopped and she kept going. She looked like a pro though because she gracefully jumped off and ran a few steps more. Not at all what it would have looked like had I done the same thing.

Oliver went down the hill AGAIN, claimed to need help AGAIN, but we didn't fall for it. Tori did go down and help encourage him to hike back up all on his own.

Ollie sitting in the dune grass and watching the boarders.

After a few runs, the boys went and buried Ty on the cooler side of the dune. Joel, John, Tori and Steph gave it a few more runs before calling it a day.


Steph said...

Thanks for downplaying my "little" bike accident although I'm sure you would have posted a video if you had it!

grandma ricki said...

Looks like being on the mountain, without the runny nose...