Saturday, July 05, 2008

Busy Boys

We had a very busy fourth that lasted long into the night. The boys have been keeping busy today and we've stayed close to home.

I only have one picture of Noah and his Lego creation. He's stayed pretty much to himself today. He tends to do that after a couple of busy days, a retreat of sorts to regroup. This is his spider-human and it's really cool! His legs articulate and he can hold some nasty weapons in those hands of his.

Oliver is beginning the transition to a bigger bike and it needed some repairs. The training wheels and handle bars needed to be adjusted and the fender tightened. Joel showed him how to do it all so he could do it next time.

Joel, on Noah's scooter, riding with Ollie and testing out the repairs.
This is a quick video of Oliver riding his bigger bike. If you listen closely you can hear him say, "stop," then he saw a car pulling out of a driveway. I'm glad he was paying attention to the car but we'll have to work on paying attention to the other things, or in this case, people around him.


Suz... said...

What a cutie man!! And such a BIG boy to be on a big-kid bike.

grandma ricki said...

Noah, you amaze me with what your imagination comes up with...
Ollie, you look like a big boy on that big bike!! Now you can ride fast like all the other kids!

mauricia1 said...

Noah, I like your version of "spiderman" better than the real Spiderman. Yours looks much more spidery-and I love the idea that he has extra legs for holding extra weapons!! Great job!! Ollie, you are doing SOOOOOOO very, very super on your bike and look how smart you are being able to repair it! Great job!!