Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Zoo" Many Pictures

I took the boys, Noah, Jackson and Oliver, to the zoo today. It was a cool day compared to the last week or two but perfect for going to see all the animals. Instead of boring you with my usual pictures of bears, tigers, polar bears, elephants and other cool animals, Noah and I decided that we should focus on the dinosaur exhibit that they have there this summer. It's a really fun exhibit and the boys could not get enough of it. All of the dinosaurs move or make noise (usually both) and Oliver wasn't too sure about them. He wanted to be just as excited as Jackson and Noah but his cautious side kicked in. They even got to dig for fossils and each took home, what appears to be, a shark tooth. I have lots of pictures from the dinosaur exhibit but narrowed it down to a mere 12 plus a few extras of the boys.

It was somewhat chilly today so when given the choice of a warm Elephant Ear or a cool Sno Cone guess which one they picked? Can you guess what happened next? That's right! All of them complained that they were cold. I told them it wasn't my fault and to run around the lawn some to get their blood flowing.

During the summer the train ride is a 35 minute loop that goes not only through the zoo but Washington Park too. This is how we actually ended our day at the zoo.

Oliver loved the train ride and he also took it upon himself to entertain the three teenage girls that were seated behind us. He chatted them up good, played a few games, made them all giggle - I'm really surprised he didn't ask them for their phone numbers!

The first dinosaur that you come upon once entering the exhibit.
See the babies hatching?

This is Megasaurus (I think?), looks a lot like T-Rex only smaller.
Oliver refused to look at me for this picture, no way was he going to take his eyes off of the growling large mega-whatever behind him!

This Dino actually spits on you as you walk by. That was it's supposed defense, so to demonstrate this feature, it moved, roared then sprayed you with water.

These were nicknamed "Helmet Heads" but Noah thought they would be better named "Bone Heads" - because that's what I call the boys when they do something totally goofy!

The tallest dinosaur of the exhibit but it was hard to get a good perspective shot because the path wrapped closely around it.

One of the cuter ones there.

This guy was, according to Noah and Jackson, "AWESOME!" He was huge, animated and loud. As you can see, Oliver kept a few feet farther back than the older boys. I think he figured that if the T-Rex was going to attack he was going to get those two first giving him time to run.


This was Oliver's favorite, they made cute little noises and Ollie thought it was cute that the "babies" were playing peek-a-boo.

This sign needs to be posted outside my house during meals. However, the main reason I took a picture of this sign is because Noah turned to Jackson and said, "that sign says ass." Then they both laughed hysterically. Noah doesn't think I heard him and I pretended not to - it was funny!

You were warned...

A fun slide that shot the kids out at the bottom. I wasn't sure if I was ever going to get them to leave the dinosaur exhibit.


Anonymous said...

What a great "traveloge"!! I loved looks like everyone had a great day!

Auntie Janet

grandma ricki said...

What a great exhibit! I'm with you, Ollie, I like the babies playing peek-a-boo best. But the big one that spit on you was pretty cool, too. You guys must have had a fantastic day!

mauricia1 said...

Spitting, roaring, big teeth, large, tall and scary..sounds like boy heaven to me......Ass and all!