Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Camping: Day One

We arrived at the campsite around 2:30 on Friday. The boys did great on the drive down even with a detour to pick up some wood for the campfire and a stop for lunch. Joel and I are both well organized people so setting up camp was quick and easy. We were in a campsite right across from The Pyryt campsite so as soon as we were done we headed to one of the two lakes in Honeyman. We rode our bikes down to Cleawox Lake and went swimming for the rest of the afternoon. That night the guys headed into Florence and picked up pizza for dinner. We wrapped up the evening with campfire, s'mores and a drink or two. By the way, Stephanie made homemade marshmallows for all of us and they made the best s'mores ever!

Before I upload the pictures how about a little bit of information on where we were staying...

Situated half way up the Oregon coast and three miles south of Florence on scenic Highway 101 is the second largest overnight camp in the state. There are two miles of sand dunes between the park and the ocean. Two natural freshwater lakes are within the park. Cleawox -- which is great for swimming -- and Woahink, which has a public boat ramp, is used for all water sports. Rent a canoe and explore the lake.

The campground also has a Junior Ranger Program, the kids can meet up with a Park Ranger at 10am or 2 pm each day for a different activity or topic. Noah went to the paper making class and the slug races/class. They can also earn badges (or stickers or buttons, etc.) by completing Junior Ranger packets. To complete the packets they have to go on quests, do park research, follow safety rules, etc. on their own time. They turn in their packets and get their prize. The park also did special activities at night. The first night we were there they held a bat program in the amphitheatre at 9pm. The second night they had a group called, The Old Time Fiddlers, play music at the nature center around 7pm. Later that night were also ghost stories but the boys decided that they didn't need to go to that one.

I am sure that I am missing a bunch of stuff but to wrap it up I would have to say that this was a great place to take a family camping. So many things to do in the park itself and many more things to do just outside the park. We had a great time and plan on going back next year. If you are at all interested in going next year, let us know and I will contact you when we book our campsite (probably in January). Onto the pictures...

At Cleawox Lake, the whole group except for me. In case you haven't heard, I'm a wimp when it comes to cold water and swimming. I say it's got to be at least 80 before I'm going in! I enjoyed the sunshine and cool breeze up on the dunes.

I think Noah was looking for salamanders when I took this picture.

Noah digging a hole and Ollie "helping" big brother and yes, the little one is naked. We had a hard time keeping clothes on that kid anytime we got near water.

Tori, Ty and Jack

Thinking about using this one for Xmas cards!

Water wings and sand castles, or maybe it was a sand pit to trap the salamanders in when they washed ashore.

Steph was tossing Sunshine's stick around for her.

Water cold! Daddy warm!

John throwing Tori over his shoulder.


grandma ricki said...

Looks like you guys had a perfect day one...that water looks so inviting! How could you resist, Tiff???? Can't wait to see the rest of the days!

Amy (Gaskell) Crombie said...

How incredibly fun!!! Awesome pics - so hilarious the Christmas Card one. Hilarious! Anyways, you have definitely convinced our family to try this place out. Looks awesome for the kids - nice & sandy - plus salamanders kinda seals the deal. FUN! Thanks for sharing!