Thursday, July 03, 2008

Lots of Pictures in This One

My mom, who has been on the FEMA active list for some time now, finally got a call and was shipped to Iowa to help those affected by the floods. I'm trying to keep the blog updated so she can easily check in anytime of the day and see what we've been up to. Not that I don't update it regularly but I'm hoping to put lots of pictures and update even more frequently for her. We aren't sure how long she will be in Iowa but her pass is currently for 30 days. She sent out an email this week and said:

"My job is to go from door to door contacting people whose county has been declared and make sure they have all the material and information to register with FEMA. In this state that will automatically drop them into a state data base too.The most common thing I hear is "Yes, my basement is a mess but go down to my neighbor-his is worse", Anyone who has no flood ins (which is most) and whose house insurance won't cover flooding (most) is strongly encouraged to call."

A walk up to the lookout just off of 192nd Avenue. It was super hazy that day because the smoke from the California wild fires is settling in this area. We couldn't even see the mountain!
Noah and Jackson trying to hide from me...job well done?
Oliver pointing at everything that is his. "Mine truck, mine boat, mine cars, mine water!" The "mine" stage can be so fun.
Then we went to the land bridge that goes from the Columbia River side of SR-14, over the freeway and onto the grounds around Fort Vancouver. This first picture is of a mask (I assumed glass) that was embedded in two large oars that made up the entrance of sorts onto the bridge. I thought it was interesting so I took a picture. Failed to take a picture of the oars/archway but I was chasing three boys!
The bridge goes right next to the train tracks and Oliver was ecstatic about that! I couldn't count how many times that boy pointed out the trains to me and everyone else on the land bridge that was willing to listen to a two year old.
Jackson and Noah on the land bridge...too cool to walk with the likes of me.
Back on the river side of the land bridge we found a little beach area. Noah was the only one that got to stick his feet in the water because he had the right shoes on. There was too much broken glass for the rest of us to go barefoot. If you look closely, you can see the rock that Noah had just thrown.
Today we met up with the Pyryt clan, Stephanie, Tori, Ty and Jack and headed up to Bonneville Dam. We made it just in time to take the tour into the dam on the Washington side. They usually do 2 or 3 a day during the summer. It's a fun tour that takes you right down onto one of the turbines.
The motley crew, Tori, Jack, Oliver, Ty, Noah and Jackson.
Ty and Noah checking out and feeding the rainbow trout.
Too bad pictures don't come with sound otherwise while viewing this picture you would hear Oliver screaming, "BIG FISH!! BIG FISH!! BIG FISH!!"


Suz... said...

Brandon said (didn't yell...but that's b/c he wasn't there to see in person) "Big fish" too! :)

grandma ricki said...

Looks like you guys had a pretty action-packed couple of days...pretty full of boys' favorite things...

Anonymous said...

Whew! You guys are always busy! And it looks as if the boys had a great time. Ollie and his "Mine" has got to be a hoot!
Hope your Mom is doing okay and will be back by the time we get there.