Sunday, July 20, 2008

What Are You Working On?

I came out to see how Joel was doing and if he needed anything, plus Oliver was out there with him and who knows what kind of trouble that kid can get into when dad is distracted. I came out and didn't see Oliver right away so I called his name, he answered but it was sort of muffled so I called again. This time he popped his head out from under the truck and said, "What?!?" as if I was completely insane for interrupting him. So I ran back in and grabbed the camera and captured the kid in action, do you think insurance will cover any damages caused by a two year old? What about grease on a hand? Think the insurance company will cover or replace all that was touched by a greasy little hand?
And here is why he was under the truck "fixing" things for us, Daddy was under the van attaching our new hitch! We got a hitch this week and found a bike rack on Craigslist that will hold four bikes. Since Daddy was under a vehicle fixing something, Oliver had to be under a vehicle fixing something. Oh well, maybe the kid will learn more than Joel knows then I'll never have to take my cars to a mechanic!


Suz... said...

It's amazing how clean his entire body can be w/ that one very dirty little hand!

Looks like Joel has 2 happy helpers to work w/ him. Good luck w/ the power tools!!

Craigslist ROCKS...doesn't it? We've found some great deals on there!

grandma ricki said...

Between the two of them, you should never have to worry... except for the furniture, clothes, etc. That hand full of grease looks deadly!