Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Camping: Day Two

We got up early on day two, FINE! they got up early on day two and I slept in the warm sleeping bag for as long as possible. We had a hot breakfast then Joel and John took the kids down to the lodge to make paper as part of the Junior Ranger program. While they were busy making paper, Steph and I cleaned up from breakfast then made some sandwiches for lunch. We had planned on taking a picnic lunch with us down to Hobbit Beach but by the time we were done with the fun activities and taking the dog for a walk we decided to just eat lunch at camp then head to the beach. Hobbit Beach is a great little secluded beach that few people visit. The trail down to Hobbit Beach is a windy, mossy, treed and sometimes steep path. It almost has a tunnel feel to it at times and a few trees that appear to be a ladder for some small creature. The trail and hike down, although not the easiest, had great rewards at the end. The beach was long, clean and beautiful with coves, for shelter or picnicking and a few places to view sea creatures in the tide pools. This will be a beach that we will visit next time we are in Florence.

Trail down to Hobbit Beach, see the tree on the left that looks like it's been broken into a ladder?

Stick + Boy = Big Smiles!

Noah was down and exploring before I even got off the trail!

Just a picture that I happen to like...a lot.

Everyone but Joel and myself.

A sand crab that the kids were catching.


Sunny was enjoying the solitude on the beach too.

I'm not sure why we buy this child clothes!

Boys digging in the sand...that's a surprise.

Sea Anemones in a small tide pool.

Ahhh....for a moment at least.


grandma ricki said...

GREAT pictures!! Looks like another fantastic day. Love the picture of Noah & Ollie holding hands...precious!!

Suz... said...

Awesome Tiff!! Love them all. The little naked man reminded me of a picture I saw of his big brother not too long ago in the same position...too cute! Can't wait for day 3!! :)

Tubo Family said...

Looks like a GREAT trip! I'm going to use these pics/stories as propaganda to convince my husband to venture into camping with kids. Of course, he's going to point out that our little one is still crawling and stuffing everything in his mouth...maybe in a couple years!